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After graduating from Saint Joseph High School in 1961, Yakup Barouh studied Marketing and Business Administration at Istanbul Robert College.

In 1968, he got his master's degree on advertising at Istanbul Robert College, a first in Turkey, and became the owner of the first thesis written on advertising.

Barouh, who founded Büro Pars (McCann Ericson) with his friends in 1967, transitioned from research and marketing to the field of 'creative advertising' in 1971 and became the partner of Turkey's first advertising agency, which was established in 1909.

Barouh, one of the first members of the International Advertising Association, became a member of the Turkish Advertising Association in 1984 and contributed as a board member between 1997-2004.

2012- 2020 Yakup Barouh, who teaches Brand Management at Yeditepe University, also served as an expert on advertising in courts.

Yakup Barouh, who is also the author of the book "Just Like Yesterday", shed light on the history of the industry by giving conferences on the History of Turkish Advertising.

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