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Let's get to know Serdar Erener, who has done a great job like Turkcell / Celocan, Arçelik / Çelik, Garanti / 12 Giant Men Garanti / Bonus, with his own words.

''I was born in Istanbul. In Zeynep Kamil. My middle name is Kamil. I am the first child of a mother who was born in Beşiri, who was born with a lawyer father and who left an architecture in Istanbul. My sister is the Eurovision winner also soprano Sertab.

I grew up in Reşit Paşa primary school in Binbirdirek Park in Sultanahmet, in the snowy spring waters of Akçay, in Robert College garden, in the Bosphorus campus in the novels of Dostoyevsky and Oğuz Atay, in the great hands of Şerif Mardin, in Nietzsche, in Hayek in Nozick. I have become a liberal. I have become a pragmatist. I became an advertiser.

I shone in a local agency. That agency has passed on to the foreigner. I also took over. I have worked as both general manager and advertising writer. I've learned that artificial advertising is not a game of intelligence, it is a trade of emotions. I tried to learn everything about my profession. Meanwhile, when I couldn't agree with the big boss of the foreign company on justice, I left. My clients have not let me go. Most of them have had me do the haircuts of their brands for 20-odd years.

I read. I draw. I write ads. I shoot ads. I shoot arrows. I swing a racket. I consider myself an architect. I even do stage design. I eat little. I read mostly. I mostly read evolution science neuroscience. I'm 56 years old. Every day I regret that there is so much to learn and do in the world.”

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