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“Design is so simple and that is why it is so complex.” - Paul Rand (1916-1996)

Paul Rand, who is also known as a corporate identity veteran, made him famous even in his 20s by using visual elements (form, color, space, line) on-site, successfully analyzing the content of the communication topic, and reducing a subject to a symbolic essence in an understandable way without boring. has achieved.

Influenced by Cubism and structuralism and De Stijl movements, Rand brought a European sensibility to American graphic design.

In the Weintraub Advertising Agency, which is the first ethnic agency of New York, which they established with Bernbach, they rejected the scientific approach and adopted art as their principle. Their conceptual approach was called the 'Big Idea' and is still practiced today by art directors and copywriters.

Works by Paul Rand, an American art director known for designing corporate logos including IBM, UPS, Enron, Morningstar, Inc., Westinghouse, ABC and NeXT logos: Thoughts on design / A designer's art / Sparkle and Spin: A Book about Words / Design, form, and chaos / Little 1 / I Know a Lot of Things / From Lascaux to Brooklyn / Limericx for Life / A Designers Eye

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