You're Not What They Say

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Those who are new to business life; Tips for my young communicator friends to make their work life easier:

1- Let's talk openly at first and get along; Don't expect miracles to happen without effort, research and development.

2- Choose to be happy and clear. Do not pay attention to the psychological humiliation of others. Recognize that they are trying to make you unhappy because they are unhappy, and don't care about them. Because you are not 'that' just because they say 'that'.

3- The ideas you believe in

◦ Define your goals. (Make your goals clear, simple, and easy.)

◦ Develop your mind. (Create ideas to achieve your stated goal.)

◦ Know your stakeholders. (Developing your ideas is about getting support from the right people.)

◦ Prepare to sell your idea. (It's time to prepare for the meeting. :)

◦ Ready, aim and fire*

4- Hold tight to the people who mentor, guide you and try to benefit you. Value them. Because what they have given you is what money cannot buy; are experiences.

5- Prefer to receive inspiration rather than imitation. (Research what has happened in the world about your subject, and who has done what.)

6- Have your business ethics and a stance, that is, your principles.

7- Enjoy your creativity by connecting seemingly unrelated things. For this, visit museums, read books, talk to children, watch animation, experience science fiction and fantasy movies, and take part in social responsibility projects. In short, get rid of your prejudices. This will bring you tremendous lightness.

8- Always ask yourself these 4 questions while forming your ideas;

◦ Is this a problem or an opportunity?

◦ Is my purpose short-term or long-term?

◦ Is my result in an abstract or concrete form?

◦ Is the scope of my goal general or specific?

9- Run away from people who have a lot of money but do not have a vision. :)

10- Finally, do not forget that we all have very different characters and characteristics from each other. Of course, let there be people you take as an example. But do not succumb to your ambition and never get into the subject of comparing yourself to someone else. Since we can't all do everything, we are already good as a team. Think like a Voltran cartoon :)

*3. Substance – Taken from the book Selling Your Ideas / Jeroen Van Geel.

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