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For those who don't know, let me introduce you to a woman who has a big heart with her belonging to Ajans Ada, her ability to overcome any job she undertakes, her emotional bond with brands, her belief and love for advertising; Nesteren Davutoğlu.

Born in Ankara, a Journalism and Public Relations graduate, Davutoğlu worked as a producer for TRT Ankara Television for 10 years after her graduation.

She entered the world of advertising after she was fired from her job at TRT due to her leftist view in the September 12 period.

She worked at Ajans Ada for ten years. She was promoted to Head of Customer Relations. Later, he took on the duties of Founding Partner and Deputy General Manager at Bank Ekspress, which was born from the client portfolio of Ajans Ada. Three years later, she returned to advertising – her main profession. Agency Ada transformed into Lowe Adam. She was elected as the President of the Advertisers Association while she was the partner of Lowe Adam and the President of the Agency.

She signed ND with the versatility she brought to customer relations with a perspective that covers every area where she can enlarge her life.

It added value to many local and global brands such as Arçelik, Garanti Bank, Durex, Pepsi, Isuzu, Warner, Henkel, Efes, Old Spice, Braun.

Davutoğlu, who is also known for his interest in art history and his identity as a collector; She leads a colorful life with his cats, dogs and plants.





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