METAVERSE Without Scaring :)

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What is it in this Metaverse, where we feel as if we have suddenly entered our lives, where we are confused by every piece of information, which excites some of us, and makes others shudder? Come on, let's take a look at something calmly.

Metaverse; The virtual universe is the perceptual universe where people feel completely mentally thanks to augmented virtual reality devices without any physical effort. This universe enables human cognition to be included in an artificial physical environment thanks to computers, android devices and 3D devices.

So when did this concept first appear?

The concept of metaverse first characterized a fictional world in Neal Stephenson's science fiction novel Snow Crash published in 1992. However, the concept of metaverse was criticized for being excessively exaggerated and fictional in the early days when it was introduced. (As all sci-fi and fantasy movie lovers, we all know something :)

Today, one of the most important metaverse investors in the world is Facebook, which bought the Oculus company working on virtual reality devices for 2 billion dollars. As a matter of fact, Facebook has signed cooperation agreements with important software companies such as Microsoft in this field. In addition, game platforms such as Roblox are making large R&D investments in this field.

Özellikle Facebook'un konuya ilgi duymaya başlamasıyla kavram daha da ön plana çıkmıştır. Nitekim elinde büyük bir veri havuzu olan Facebook, milyonlarca insanın metaverilerine sahiptir. Bu da yapay zekâ temelli bir yapay dünyanın, insanların bireysel sınırlarını tehdit edeceği endişesini doğurmuştur.

Metaverse promises to create a virtual public space. Virtual currencies of this public sphere are already traded in the crypto market today. In this respect, the concept is seen as the future of the internet. The first city to enter this artificial universe, called the Metaverse, is Seoul.

If this technology is sufficiently developed, people will have the opportunity to do many activities such as shopping, going to the movies, spending time in a cafe, without any physical effort, thanks to the virtual reality devices they have acquired.

Here are the links I can suggest to make your mind clearer and form your ideas about what can await us:

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After shaping the subject a bit;

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