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In general terms, Brand Identity: is a strategic tool in brand building and management. In order to create strong brands and gain competitive advantage, it is essential to have an accurate and effective brand identity. The most important point to be considered is not that your brand identity is adorned with magnificent designs; It should be based on three features such as durability, integrity and realism.

Academically, brand identity is a concept formulated by David Aaker. The essence of communication in brand identity is positioning, but this concept proposes a much broader framework of planning and brand management.

The essence of the brand identity affects the communication and messages that the brand will establish with the consumers. Extended identity is defined as organized and integrative brand identity elements that provide a common fabric.

Brand identity; It forms the communication theme of the brand and includes brand associations. We could organize this around four perspectives;

Brand as product: product domain, product attributes, quality/value, uses, users, country or region of origin

  • Brand as institution or organization: Institutional attributes

  • Brand as person: Brand personality, brand-customer relationship

  • Brand as symbol: visual image/metaphors and brand legacy

Globally, brand identity (International Corporate Identity Community) defines brand identity as the differentiating framework that distinguishes the brand from others and reflects the ethos*, target and others of the brand. Identity is the planning of messages and applications in order to create the image in the recipients.The reasons why identity is so important;Strategic management principles,Difficulty of communication,Integrated communication and, accordingly, efficiency and cost requirements.

*Ethos: the traditional disposition and standing of a society or a person. The attitude shaped by the awareness of moral values. Here, what is meant by society is certain professions, etc. may also symbolize smaller groups.

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