Leo Burnett / Advertising Doyens

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“Creativity is connecting two things you know in a way you don't know” - Leo Burnett

October 21, 1891, Michigan - June 7, 1971)

She completed her academic life at the University of Michigan, Department of Journalism. During her years at university, she worked as an editor and reporter for the school newspaper. After that, he quit journalism and started working in the field of advertising.

His first work in the field of advertising was the advertisements of Cadillac Motor company. After his success here, he worked with LaFayette Motors and Homer McKee to prepare their advertisements. In 1935, with a debt of 50 thousand dollars, he established the advertising factory, where the advertisements that would swept the world in the future would be produced.In advertisements that are far from simplicity and ostentatious; has always preferred normal and ordinary people to take part.

Burnett is shown as the person who makes world giant brands such as Samsung, McDonald's, Procter and Gamble, Marlboro, Tony The Tiger, Hallmark, Heinz "brand".

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