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Corporate identity is a brand's signature. It is a way of expressing the brand itself. This statement is well-defined and generally stable unless there is a major change.

The corporate identity book, which specifies how and to what extent a design that will remind the brand should be used, is an indispensable element of the system of becoming a brand.

So what should be included in the corporate identity booklet:

  • Brand Symbol

  • Brand Inscription

  • Brand Logotype

  • Rates

  • Safety Area

  • Minimum Dimension

  • Color Pantones

  • Use of Brand Logotype on Different Backgrounds

  • Use of the Brand Logotype on Photography

  • Brand Symbol; Misuses

  • Brand Logotypes; Misuse

  • Brand Logotype; Misuses on the Image and the Ground

  • Brand Logotype; Incorrect Practices - Examples

  • Places where the Brand Logotype should not be applied

  • Spelling Rules

  • E-mail Signature

  • Flag

  • Using the Brand Logotype in Lobbies

  • Presentation Template

  • Announcement of Death

  • Practice Principles

  • Using Brand Logotype in Promotions and Announcements

  • Dimensioning in Vertical Area

  • Dimensioning in Horizontal Area

  • Using Brand Logotype in Promotions and Announcements

  • Layout Rule

  • Placement Example

  • Use on the TV Screen

  • TV Packshot Standard

  • Use of Brand Logotype in Equal Proportion with Other Companies

  • Use of Brand Logotype in Promotions and Announcements - Sample Practices

  • Using the Brand Logotype on the Back Cover

  • Dimensioning on Website and e-Newsletters

  • Favicon (also called shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon)

  • Use of Brand Logotype at Fair Stands

  • Use of the Brand Logotype on Jerseys

  • Using Logotypes in Collaborations

  • The Position and Size of the Logotype on Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards

  • Digital Platform Fundamentals

  • Basic Principles of Invitation Design

  • Use of Brand Logotype in Corporate Invitations

  • (+/-) Authorized Dealer, Press Conference etc. Logotype Application in Events

  • Ceremony Ribbon

  • (+/-) Employees' Uniform Designs

  • Direction Signs

  • (+/-) Service Award Ceremony Booklet

  • (+/-) Brand architecture and sample applications should also be made for brands that have more than one brand under the brand roof.

Apart from these items, new items can be added to the list depending on the situation and need.

The corporate identity is engraved in the mind of the consumer with the image created for the brand. With this aspect, it is at the forefront of the work that ensures the success of the brand's advertising investments.

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