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Karpat Polat established his own advertising agency K A R P A T, Independent Advertising Agency in 2014, after working in the leading advertising agencies of Turkey and the world as a copywriter, creative director, agency head, agency partner and member of the Global Creative Council.

The first job of the new advertising agency was the Coca-Cola 50th Anniversary campaign, which enabled Coca-Cola to write its brand name in Turkish for 1 year in its advertisements and products. Five minutes after the campaign went live, it became a trending topic on Twitter and was awarded the integrated campaign of the year at Kristal Apple.

He has won awards in Cannes with 53 different works, including Turkey's first Cannes Lion and first Golden Lion. He reached the finals more than 100 times. He was among the creative directors who received the most awards for 4 consecutive years and among the advertising agencies that received the most awards globally, 2 years in a row at Cannes.

Many commercials such as Epica, Golden Drum, Crystal Apple and Red have won the Grand Prize and Grand Prix of the competition more than once.

He has been named among the world's best advertising writers and creative directors many times by respected authorities such as The Big Won and Lürzer's Archive. He was included in the list of 50 most creative Turks by the Turkish Times. He is the only advertiser to be ranked by Fortune magazine under the age of 40.

It has won numerous awards to Turkey in national and international advertising competitions. Both the principle of creativity in favor of "closeness to human nature and simplicity", the "idea applied in every medium" that it carries to the digital platform, and the inclusion of people in brand-related content on the digital platform. It has taken its place in Turkish advertising history as a world-renowned advertising master with its "social creativity" perspective and the "pioneering agency model", which states that the brand's marketing communication works should be managed with a holistic approach.

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