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The foundation of Haribo, a German confectionery manufacturer, was laid in Bonn in 1920 by an entrepreneur named Hans Riegel.

The first commercially recorded assets are a sack of sugar, a marble bench, a gas stove, a small cauldron, a roller, and a stool.

Haribo company, which is famous for its jelly candies, has become one of the leading private companies in Bonn in a short time.

In 1922, inspired by the dancer bear, he creates the world's first fruit-flavored jelly confection. This Teddy Bear would later become known worldwide as the HARIBO Golden Teddy.

Today, Haribo produces in 13 facilities spread across Europe, in addition to 5 factories in Germany, with approximately 6,000 employees, and its products are offered for sale in more than 100 countries.

Haribo, which has been producing in Turkey since 2003, was selected as the "most trusted brand in Europe" in Europe's largest consumer research on the confectionery market.

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