Public Relations Doesn't End Without Saying 'It's Done'!

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After my previous blog post titled ‘Anne Halkla İlişkilerse, Baba Reklamdır!’ I got pleasant feedback. This time, I wanted to touch on the subject of Public Relations from a more academic point of view.

Public relations can be defined as a two-way process carried out by individuals or institutions within the scope of a plan and program in order to establish healthy relations with their target audiences. In this context, public relations are the continuous actions taken by the institutions in order to gain the appreciation, understanding, sympathy and support of the target audiences with which they are in mutual relations and communication, and to make this permanent. Public relations establishes a connection with the target audience with certain communication strategies and while doing this, aims to reinforce, change or perpetuate the emotions and thoughts of the target audience towards the institution

Confidence to the public, measuring the expectations of the public, ensuring that the organization develops new strategies in line with these expectations, and establishing positive relations with the media are also among the purposes of public relations. In addition to all these, other objectives of public relations can be listed as follows:

  • Introducing the organization to the public and raising awareness about the organization,

  • Establishing strong and positive communication between the public and the administration,

  • To facilitate the work of the public about the organization and to support the public in this process,

  • To create a sense of social responsibility and to enable the organization to carry out activities for the benefit of society.

  • It is possible to list the media and tools used in public relations as follows: Organization Activities, social networking networks, websites, magazines, newspapers, meetings, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, competitions, ceremonies.

Public relations applications consist of four stages. (Let's not forget to think digitally at all of these stages.) These stages are as follows:

  • Research,

  • Planning,

  • Application,

  • Evaluation.

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