GreenWashing, the Partner of Deception :)

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The concept of 'sustainability', which we have come across frequently lately, is actually a word that comes out of our mouths. There is a perception that something is just being carried on. In fact, this is not a simple idea that can be applied at once. It is a discipline that requires attention, research and effort. I recommend you to examine the details of the declaration published by the United Nations at

What do you mean by the term 'GreenWashing', which has recently emerged with the concept of sustainability? Let's look at the meaning of the word first and then think about it together.

Greenwashing, also called "green glow", is a form of marketing where green PR and green marketing are used deceptively to convince the public that an organization's products, goals and policies are environmentally friendly, explained dear Wikipedia.

As a matter of fact, it consists of a meaning that is 'as if' in its short meaning. Especially the pandemic period has beat us all like sheets :) Together with all people, brands started to question themselves. WHAT IS OUR OBJECTIVE? WHY ARE WE EXIST? WHAT IS OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THIS WORLD? Then, is it a coincidence that the term GreenWashing coincides with the same time?

Let's go through an example. Since we are advertisers, we examine all brands as much as possible, compare them with their global competitors, provide printouts with our experience and read the industry in this way. While doing this, we observe brands that have been striving for sustainability for years, paying attention to the smallest detail, living it rather than cinvesting in the future on this subject without avoiding any expense, and working with professional teams.

For example, Tesla is also Arçelik locally. Of course, the pros and cons are debatable, but they believed in this way and they are on this way to be perfect. In other words, they took action rather than saying. WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE during the pandemic period? They have a sentence to answer your question. So, what do you think those who turn their labels green in the face of all this effort and immediately use green in their logos (Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's, etc.) do?

We all know the answer and unfortunately, time shows us these with bad examples. As an idea, you can review the content on the link

I will say that; It's a very debatable subject, but the PURPOSE stays, they seem to flow with GreenWashing :)

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