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“Every ad must contribute to the unified symbol, that is the brand image.” - David Mackenzie Ogilvy

(23 June 1911 – 21 July 1999) was a British-born advertiser.

It is one of the most important names in advertising.

Born in England in 1911, Ogilvy was a salesperson before starting his career in advertising. Her success in sales caught her boss's attention, and she asked him to create a sales guide for other salespeople. Ogilvy's sales guide was very successful and his brother Francis Ogilvy, who was working at the London-based advertising agency Mather & Crowther at that time, showed this guide to the agency and David Ogilvy's advertising career began.

In the following years, he went to the USA and established his own agency there with the support of his agency in London and became one of the most important names in the industry by signing big advertising campaigns.

David Ogilvy has also important books about advertising. One of them, and the one that had a great impact, was translated into Turkish by Haluk Mesci in the book "Confessions of an Adversiting Man" - "Confessions of an Advertiser", published in 1963.

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