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You know, you get the feeling of deja vu while watching some commercials. How do I know this ad, where have I seen it, isn't it?..

Chocolates with feelings of pleasure revived after the sound of biting "Kartt..", unsatisfied women with dull hair become Victoria's Secret Models with x shampoo, the pads used by girls who stubbornly wear white jeans on their special days and do somersaults, belong to the owners of calcified machines because they do not use the x brand. angry masters, dishwashing detergent agents rushing into houses with lapel microphones, substances that clean stubborn stains as well as we can come in a second, non-dentist players pretending to recommend x toothpaste, milk advertisements among the running little cows, the Ramadan table that reaches the end of space was set, We're tired of drink ads and dozens of them selling poisoned water, aren't we?

If you take the charismatic taboo-breaking advertising ideas abroad and try to apply them to us, the trust will stop. (Exceptions do not break the rule, I exclude the Snickers 'You are not you when you're hungry!' commercials from this. There were quite good adaptations. Especially the episodes with Muazzez Abacı and Gönül Yazar were very successful.) There are many reasons for this; There may be many reasons such as cultural differences, the idea of the team that created the ad, the brand being too involved, maybe the actors were not chosen correctly, maybe it was repeated too many times to be perfect.

So what could it have been? Viral content could have been created with these precious people for much less than this budget. Virals could be created where everyone was in their natural space.

Unfortunately, we experience this issue a lot in brands; While trying to be perfect, we observe that there is usually too much interference with the creative team, under which they miss the natural and feel as if they are "as if". Dear brands please do not do this. Of course, you should have certain criteria, but not to levels that will kill creativity. Because, like all world criteria, brand and advertising criteria are also changing.

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