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“Speak less, say more!”

Atilla Aksoy is an advertising school with his lush voice, authority, intellectualism and jazz music emanating from his room.

Atilla Aksoy, one of the most important names in the Turkish advertising industry, has been the chairman of the WORKS agency, which provides brand consultancy services in addition to advertising and marketing communications since 2007.

In his 30 years of professional life, he has managed the promotion projects of many important brands and organizations such as Cumhuriyet newspaper, Komili, Tariş, Ford, Garanti Bank, Altınyıldız, Network, Beymen, Mudo, IKEA, THY, Turkey Tourism Promotion, Marsa.

2006-2008 WWF Turkey President and International Board Member Aksoy was also one of the founders of the History Foundation and Açık Radyo.

Aksoy's work titled "New Advertising", which reflects his view of advertising and the current state of it, was published in 2005.

Aksoy, who served for many years as the founding partner of Reklamevi/Young & Rubicam and Wunderman affiliated with the same group, has continued on his way with WORKS since 2007, which he founded with Ahmet Naci Fırat and his son Sinan Aksoy.

He passed away from us in 2017.

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