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“The best fortune; It is the power of man to generate ideas.

Osborn, who lived between 1888-1966, is an advertiser who presented the term and method of "brainstorming" to the advertising world.

Fired for not having the journalistic skills, Osborn begins his career in the 1911-1912 Buffalo Chamber of Commerce.

1912- 1915 continued at Hard Manufacturing Company.

In 1919, Bruce Fairchild founded BDO with Barton and Roy Sarles Durstine.

BDO merged with the George Batten Company in 1928, taking the name BBDO.

Alex founded the Creative Education Foundation in 1954 with the royalties he earned from his books A Short Course in Advertising / How To Think Up / Your Creative Power / Wake Up Your Mind: 101 Ways To Develop Creativeness / Applied Imagination.

The importance of the foundation; taught something that had never been taught before, how to think creatively and apply it in the workplace.

Alex Osborn opened a different and new door for the ad creators who came after him, revealed the importance of teamwork and completely liberated creative thinking.

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