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The Elvis of Advertising Alex Bogusky

Considered the founder of modern advertising, Bogusky is a designer, marketer, author and consumer advocate.

While signing campaigns that made a sound one after another; Bogusky, which includes important brands such as Volkswagen, MINI, Burger King* (46 million accessed virally, and took its place in the records as the most successful viral site of all time), Microsoft, Domino's, Ikea, among its customers, acted in coordination with the practices of the digital age.

Today, when social media and digital channels provide a natural cycle in conveying the advertising message, the question "Can this idea be spoken?", which is the question that Alex Bogusky used in the idea generation process, has become the most important part of the idea screening process.

Considered the Elvis Presley of 21st century advertising, Bogusky has proven to the entire advertising industry that a game or a new product produced can be used as an advertising message, independent of the media, with the works he shaped the world of advertising.

Leaving his Creative Director position at Crispin Porter + Bogusky Agency in 2010; announced that he would now fight for consumer rights and be a 'resistor in the new consumption revolution'.

You can see the Burger King advertisement and review at

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