Becoming a 'BRAND' in 10 Steps

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How is the brand? How is the brand established? Where should I start? We know that questions like these confuse you a lot. Don't worry, here are the stages of creating a good brand with the simplest explanation.

First of all, let me state that; These 10 steps are not as empty and effortless as diets that make you lose 5 Kg in 1 week. They are processes that require constant follow-up and attention.

1-  Identify Your Target Audience

Target audience = means the group of people you want to reach. Who are your target consumers, what do they do, what are their interests? After all, you are the target audience of other brands. For this reason, determine this process clearly by empathizing and researching.

2- Determine the Goals of Your Brand

What is your target as a brand? What are you doing? Which products, services, or solutions do you offer? Find short, straightforward and clear answers.

The logo, slogan or content you have prepared and the messages you give must be related to your goal.

3- Determine the Difference of Your Brand from Its Competitors

What are your most important features that will make your brand or products different from others? Think about and find out what they are. Then highlight them.

4- Define Your Brand Message and Style

You found your features. You have created your services. Passionately share what sets you apart from others and what you want to reflect.

In addition, create a brand language for yourself. Imagine you have a child. What kind of person would you strive for this child to be when he grows up? Here is your brand, just like that. Will you be formal or sincere? What kind of brand identity you want to create, determine a suitable brand language. All the messages you give must be in accordance with this language, original and clear.

5- Create Your Brand's Corporate Identity

Get your brand's trademark patent first. This is such an important item. If you don't get your patent, all the corporate identity work you do can be for nothing. (You can query your brand at

How you want your brand, products/services to be perceived by existing or potential customers and stakeholders, you need to create an identity accordingly.

The identity of the brand should be as it wants to define itself. The brand's name, logo, colors, message language, positioning and relationships form the sum of the brand's personality.

6- Be Reliable and Consistent

Always be consistent with your posture and messages. Giving conflicting messages will cause your credibility to be questioned.

7- Add Passion and Emotion to Your Brand

Brand = Mostly emotional choices. So touch people's emotions in the branding process. Instill confidence and inspiration in your target audience. This way you can get people to take action.

8- May Your Communication Be Sustainable

Build a stable connection with your target audience. Create original and quality content and share them on traditional and digital channels.With all this, you should have a content strategy. On the other hand, be especially careful about the continuity and consistency of your brand content.

9- Don't be afraid to add a little fun

Don't forget to add some fun to your strategy plan, that is, the road route map you will create.For example, social media is where you will touch people the most. You can share small nuances about your subject without going too far out of your line.

10- It's Not Bad For A Surprise Every Once Into

Whatever your brand serves, gifts, experiences, meetings and opportunities that will increase your interaction with your target audience within the framework of focus will support the strengthening of the bond between you.

How to become a brand with all these substances in their simplest form? It serves its subject. But your first step is very important.

It should be professionally managed with a good brand → a very good brand name → a very good brand strategy → a well planned roadmap. If you want to get professional help, you can visit the brandAD Brand Mentoring's online site

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