Brand Creation Mentoring 


For those who want to take the first step towards becoming a brand, know exactly who the target audience is and make a point shot; It is a mentoring service where many strategic issues from name to logo, packaging to channel strategy are resolved.

Brand Identity Creation Mentoring

It is a mentoring service that renews the brand for those who want to redesign the communication elements and visual identity of their brand.

Mand Management Mentoring

Tüm marka faaliyetlerini işin uzmanına bırakmak isteyenler ya da pazarlama departmanına profesyonel destek arayanlar için uzun dönemli (12-18-24 ay) bir mentorluk hizmetidir.

Brand Family Design Mentoring


It is a brand mentoring module for multi-brand companies in order to determine the relationship of more than one brand within the same family and the points of divergence-similarity.

Brand Management Mentoring

In this service, which is offered for brands that want to measure the value of their brand and determine the next roadmap accordingly, the brand strategy is reshaped by taking the photo of the market. The brand audit process begins with detailed research.

Brand Project And Creative Ideas Mentorship

Within the scope of event management; It is a form of mentoring in which the most appropriate and productive event content is modeled, in which our business partners will find a common language with their target audience, achieve their goals successfully, contribute greatly to their image and reputation, and convey their messages directly.

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It covers design, planning, implementation, operation and control of media communication processes.

Brand, Creative Project And Ideas Mentoring


It is a form of mentoring in which creative projects prepared specifically for the brand are created that will contribute to the brand image and reputation.