What is the

Brand Mentoring?

It is a guidance service system that guides clients' brands in line with their goals, gives advice, supports, provides training when appropriate, coaches for the brand's success.


These services are; Brand Creation, Brand Identity Creation, Brand Management, Brand Family Design, Brand Audit, Brand Event Contents, Brand Projects and Creative Ideas. Click for detalied information.

How should be Brand Mentoring?


  • First of all, mentors should be professional and knowledgeable.

  • The mentoring relationship should be mutual. The professional areas of the client and the counselor should not be interfered with.

  • The mentor should be a supporter not only in the knowledge level but also in the social sense of the client.

  • Mentors should be some kind of role model for the client.

  • As a result of the mentoring activity, the client brand is expected to develop and increase its brand value.

​What are the benefits of working with a Brand Mentor?


  • First of all, the material wrong moves of the client brand and the items that were wasted are determined.

  • It contributes highly to the productivity of the brand. The brand becomes more productive because it knows the path it should take. Mentors make target-oriented approaches to the brands that they are consulting. A mentor first asks the brand to set goals or supports them in setting goals. Plans are made for the specified target. Planned applications also increase the productivity of the brand.

  • The fact that your mentor is an individual who has accomplished what you want will increase your motivation. With the increase in your motivation, you will achieve success more easily and your job satisfaction will increase.